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Jack Walters

Modern Languages and International Film student with too much time on his hands and too many films in his watchlist. Shameless fan of summer blockbusters and an unapologetic completionist when it comes to movies – most commonly found buying snacks for my next trip to the cinema.

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Doctor Who: The Star Beast Review

Doctor Who takes audiences back in time with The Star Beast,  a charming new story that marks a clear return to form for the iconic show.

Alien (1979) Is Ridley Scott’s Hate Letter To Society

Ridley Scott’s Alien is a revolutionary sci-fi horror that shines thanks to its dark subtexts of corporate greed and capitalist inhumanity.

Coherence (2013) Analysis: A Moral Wasteland

Coherence is a mind-bending piece of science fiction that forces audiences to come face to face with the frailty of their own moral compass.

10 Best 1990s Horror Movies To Watch This Halloween

The ‘90s were a pivotal time for horror movies. Here are the 10 best 1990s horror movies to get you in the Halloween spirit this year!

Fair Play: Netflix Film Review

Chloe Domont’s Fair Play is a slick psychological thriller that takes unwavering aim at ambition, jealousy, and the corrosive nature of secrecy.

The Continental: John Wick Series Review

The Continental is a fun new entry in the world of John Wick that fleshes out this universe with detailed, exciting storytelling.

Why Stop Making Sense Is A Perfect Concert Movie

Jonathan Demme’s concert movie Stop Making Sense captures the raw energy of one magical night with musical pioneers Talking Heads.

Enemy (2013) Analysis: Our Own Worst Enemies

With his breakthrough horror feature Enemy, Denis Villeneuve explores the idea that there’s nothing quite as frightening as ourselves.

Fremont: Edinburgh Film Review

Fremont is a darkly comedic and reliably heartfelt meditation on immigrant culture in all its overwhelming ubiquity.

Raging Grace: Edinburgh Film Review

Raging Grace is a sociopolitical thriller that might wander too far into the absurd but does so with immense confidence and style.