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Isabella Liistro

Film studies graduate, writer and theatre supervisor from down under. Film became my escape from the harshness of puberty and now as an adult, it’s become my favourite source of immersion and joy. I am a huge advocate for theatre-going alone, it’s so remedial for me. Although, after 8 years of watching how the sausage gets made, popcorn is wildly overrated. You’ll find me sitting in the centre of row D with a California roll and a packet of Smiths Originals. I’ve been writing reviews and discussion pieces since graduating from uni before translating that passion into a film podcast and my carefully curated Letterboxd profile. I hope to one day find myself sitting centre of row D with a notepad at an abundance of international film festivals.

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The Little Mermaid (2023): Film Review

Endearing but tonally spotty, The Little Mermaid (2023) lacks the whimsy of the original but finds a star-making performance in Halle Bailey.

Beef: Netflix Series Review

Netflix’s Beef is a darkly funny meditation on pent-up grief and how much of it we’re willing to exploit.

Why Season 2 of The White Lotus Was Far More Compelling Than the First

While season 1 of The White Lotus captured viewers’ attention, season 2 was a far more compelling demonstration of creator Mike White’s outlandish comedy.

How “Nope” Explores Our Addiction to Spectacle

Peele wears his clever, theme-conscious heart on his sleeve with Nope, a Spielbergian-western that stealthily unveils our addiction to spectacle.