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Hector A. Gonzalez

I’m a Puerto Rican freelance writer and film critic and a member of OFTA, PIFC, and GFCA. I got raised watching horror films like Nightmare on Elm Street, Evil Dead, Carrie, Alien, amongst others, and ever since then, I have been in love with the genre (hence David Cronenberg being one of my favorite directors, and Julia Ducournau’s Raw is my favorite film of all time).”

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Hellraiser (Hulu) Film Review: Greater Delights Await

David Bruckner’s remake of Hellraiser is meant to be a bloody puzzle box that reinvents…

Showing Up: Film Review

Kelly Reichardt’s latest feature, Showing Up, beautifully depicts the balance between an artist’s life and work, exploring what art means to those who make it and the magnificence of the creative process.

Venus (Film Review): Wake Me Up Before You Go-Go

Venus may be messy and narratively faulty, but director Jaume Balagueró delivers some high-octane and blood-drenched fun with a badass performance by Ester Expósito.

Wendell & Wild (Film Review): Stuffed Toy Box of Horrors

Artistically distinctive and narratively lacking, Henry Selick’s Wendell & Wild is a box crammed with toys – fun and entertaining, yet you’d wish it explored its themes more. 

Women Talking (Film Review): “The Sun is Setting, and Our Light is Fading”

With an excellent cast and a brilliant screenplay, Sarah Polley’s chamber piece, Women Talking, is an essential testament to the filmmaker’s storytelling verve.

The Wonder (Film Review): The Act of Belief in a World of Deceptions

Although it lacks thematic heft, The Wonder is elevated by Ari Wegner’s cinematography and strong performances by Pugh and Kila Lord Cassidy.

All the Beauty and the Bloodshed: Film Review

The Golden Lion-winning All the Beauty and the Bloodshed is a ravishing documentary that has Laura Poitras delivering her most fascinating and emotional work.

Broker (Film Review): Replaying the Greatest Hits

Hirokazu Kore-eda’s latest feature, Broker, is ultimately a disappointment. It primarily falters because of its lack of characterization and unbelievability.

Decision to Leave: Film Review

Decision to Leave has Park Chan-wook operating in his most narratively restrained manner yet delivering an impressive feature I could call some of his best work to date.

Moonage Daydream (Film Review): The Prettiest Star

Moonage Daydream is a kaleidoscopic and unique venture that radiantly and stylistically explores the magisterial talents of one of the best artists ever to grace the stage.