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Lost Illusions (Review): Faux Reports of Vast Proportions

Xavier Giannoli’s Lost Illusions has beautiful aesthetics and fascinating performances, but its pacing and script hold it back from being a hefty dramatic epic. 

Pistol (Series Review): Over-stylized with Not So Much Insight

Danny Boyle’s Sex Pistols series biopic, Pistol, is a disappointment; it’s over-stylized and has little to no insight into the band’s short career.

Irma Vep, Episodes 1-4 (Review): Metatextual and Cognizant Glory

The limited series remake of Irma Vep begins in rapid-fire fashion with hilarious metatextual and cognizant jokes and quips of the modern age of cinema. 

The Green Perfume (Cannes Review): Screwball Cure for Pledged Crimes

The Green Perfume is North by Northwest, done without the Hitchcockian flair but with some French screwball sensibilities; sometimes stale, albeit adequately regaling.

El Agua (Cannes Review): Mythology & Naturalism Through the River Creeks

Elena López Riera stays close to her roots with El Agua – an enchanting yet simplistic debut that entrances with its naturalistic beauty and mythological underpinnings.

The Bob’s Burgers Movie (Review): A Delicious Treat with a Side of Witty Remarks

Even if The Bob’s Burgers Movie feels like an extended episode of the show, the charming characters and their crackerjack wit will engage whether you are a fan or not.

Scarlet (L’Envol) Cannes Review: An Endearing Tale with Magical Realism

Although it doesn’t have the thematic forte of his previous feature, Martin Eden, Pietro Marcello’s follow-up, Scarlet (L’envol), is a beautiful and endearing portrait of the longing for the dreams deemed impossible.

A Chiara (Review): Betwixt Family Ties and Crime Activity

Although it has some faults and takes its time to settle in, Jonas Carpignano’s third feature, A Chiara, is a beautifully told documentary-esque story about family ties amidst the real-world stakes of crime activity.

Firestarter (2022) Review: Zac Efron Shines, While the Rest Burns

Firestarter contains a good Zac Efron performance and a consistently engaging John Carpenter score, but this modern horror remake lacks tension, thematic pull, and directorial vision.

Pleasure (Review): A Powerful and Humanistic Exposition on Porn

Ninja Thyberg’s powerful voice and Sofia Kappel’s performance carry Pleasure – a captivating and realistic no-holds-barred exposition on the porn industry.