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Hector A. Gonzalez

I’m a Puerto Rican freelance writer and film critic and a member of OFTA, PIFC, and GFCA. I got raised watching horror films like Nightmare on Elm Street, Evil Dead, Carrie, Alien, amongst others, and ever since then, I have been in love with the genre (hence David Cronenberg being one of my favorite directors, and Julia Ducournau’s Raw is my favorite film of all time).”

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It Lives Inside: Film Review

Slowly losing its identity as it runs its course, It Lives Inside fails to provide a chilling and emotional chiller.

Making Of: Venice Film Review

The “film within a film” aesthetic of Cédric Kahn’s Making Of makes the movie lose momentum and focus after a promising introduction.

Command Z: Soderbergh Series Review

Command Z is a must-watch for Soderbergh completionists, but everyone else might find it a creeky, yet slightly funny, climate change call to action.

Til Death Do Us Part: Film Review

Til Death Do Us Part is a purposefully schlocky action-thriller containing a bunch of cheesy refrains, blood, and kick-ass action to entertain genre fans and straight-to-video enthusiasts.

Cobweb (2023): Film Review

Antony Starr and Lizzy Caplan’s strong performances are not enough to save the Stephen King-inspired Cobweb.

Quicksand (Shudder): Film Review

Quicksand is a survival horror B-movie that delivers what it says on the tin yet shies away from escalating things to a highly entertaining degree.

Medusa Deluxe: Film Review

While Medusa Deluxe is flashy and stylistically daring, it would have benefited from fully embracing the stylistic excess and flamboyance of the subculture it depicts.

Shin Kamen Rider: Film Review

Even if the film’s pacing is both its blessing and curse, Hideaki Anno’s Shin Kamen Rider is a highly entertaining and intentionally campy homage to the classic Japanese character.

Légua: Cannes Film Festival Review

Légua plays with our notions of time and death by taking a ghost story approach to a tale about women and their various roles in life.

Marguerite’s Theorem: Cannes Film Review

Even if one-half of Marguerite’s Theorem doesn’t end up working, Ella Rumpf grabs your attention.