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Hayley Croke

Native New Yorker and natural-born film lover. I earned a degree in journalism with a minor in film studies at the University of Georgia and studied film critique at the 75th Cannes Film Festival. I'm an expert on all things A24 and always keeping an eye out for the next round of up-and-coming filmmakers. You can usually catch me at the nearest film festival or whichever NYC theater is screening the latest foreign films.

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The Missing: Film Review

Writer/Director Carl Joseph Papa’s The Missing paints a thoughtful story on the lasting effects of childhood trauma and how to overcome lifelong nightmares.

Uroboros: Irish Film Festival London Review

Diarmuid Donohoe masterfully employs the ancient symbol of the Uroboros to tell his tale of cyclical family trauma inspired by true events.

La Chimera: NYFF Film Review

Alice Rohrwacher’s new film La Chimera expertly examines the fleeting beauty in life from the tombs of the ancient dead.