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Georgi Petkov

A connoisseur of all things mumblecore, coming-of-age, and psychological horror, but a consumer of all film. My love language is learning more about you so I could give you customized movie recommendations. My way of travelling to new places is visiting their local movie theaters. My opinions stay safely-stored until you unleash Pandora's Box by asking me "What do you think?" I have an Oscar on my bookshelf for having the largest score of accurately-guessed winners at a local Oscars screening party. I thanked mom, dad and cinema for teaching me everything I know about life.

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Scott Pilgrim Takes Off: Netflix Series Review

With Netflix’s Scott Pilgrim Takes Off, O’Malley and Grabinski revive an iconic franchise and cast to broaden the Scott Pilgrim multiverse in surprisingly delightful ways.

Of an Age (2022): Film Review

Of an Age is Goran Stolevski’s soft but skilful drama about a queer romance that happened at the wrong time in all the right ways.

Director Jason Miller on Ghosts of the Void: Interview

We interview director Jason Miller about his feature debut, Ghosts of the Void, a masterful suspense thriller that stems from a dark reality.

Love Virtually (2023): Film Review

L.E. Staiman’s Love Virtually threatens us with an absurd romantic comedy set in the Metaverse that can’t be taken seriously, but it sure gets close to it.

Flora and Son (2023): Film Review

John Carney’s Flora and Son is a Dublin-based ballsy fairytale about discovering music as a remedy for a young mom and her teenager’s wounded relationship.