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Ethan Hill

Lover of food, films, and figuring out how to fit a 5 minute song into a 2 minute drive. My taste is incredibly pretentious, but I also believe Pain and Gain is one of the unsung masterpieces of the last decade, so I’ll like pretty much anything. Can usually be found buried in the Criterion Section of Barnes and Noble or hurriedly scrawling out notes for the DnD session I forgot to plan for. Movies are good.

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Kill it and Leave This Town: An Animated Nightmare (Kino Polska Review)

Kill it and Leave This Town’s complete lack of plot and macabre imagery will alienate most viewers, but some will find value in its horror.

The Vigil: Religious Thriller Doesn’t Come Together (Review)

The Vigil expertly uses themes of religion and trauma to create a thoughtful character study, though it stumbles in its attempts to scare the audience.

Try Harder!: The Hidden Cost of Being the Best (Sundance Review)

Try Harder! shows the difficulties of being a child prodigy and the failings of the American education system, while never losing sympathy for its subjects.

Dick Johnson is Dead: A Profound Meditation on Legacy and Loss (Review)

Dick Johnson is Dead skillfully blends fantasy and reality together, beautifully examining the impact of a man’s life.

Black Bear (Review): Plaza and Abbot Excel in Intriguing Indie

Black Bear ’s unconventional structure and captivating power dynamics propel its simple premise to a memorable viewing experience.

Climate of the Hunter: A Bizarre, Captivating Monster Flick (Review)

Climate of the Hunter ’s bizarre visual style and lack of story will alienate most viewers, but those who stick around will be treated to a unique experience.

Cocoon (Review): Delicate Coming-of-Age Story Follows a Familiar Path

Cocoon is a fairly standard drama about growing up that wears its influences on its sleeve and is elevated by its sensitive performances and empathetic direction.

6 Underseen Classic Genre Films

While genre films have flourished in the past decade, the golden age of Hollywood produced its fair share of classic genre films outside the standard drama and comedy.

7 Films to Introduce You to Arthouse Cinema

With no end in sight to the coronavirus pandemic, now is the time to dabble in the world of arthouse cinema.

All of Kelly Reichardt ’s films, ranked

With the release of First Cow earlier this year, it’s time to look at the impressive filmography of Kelly Reichardt, one of the best filmmakers working today.