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Elisa Teneggi

Elisa Teneggi, Social Media Manager at Loud and Clear Reviews. Born a long time ago in a galaxy far, far away. Food addicted, self-proclaimed Chocolate Eater in Chief, and penguin lover. Part-time worker @ Double R Diner in Twin Peaks who comes from New Orleans but (sometimes) speaks with an Italian accent. I love to watch films I can’t understand, but I adore Stanley Kubrick more. If you see me at the movies, don’t sit next to me. P.S. I hate describing myself.

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3 (and a half) Reasons to Love Jim Jarmusch

3 and a half reasons to love director Jim Jarmusch, who has been one of the greatest advocates of art cinema for the past 40 years or so.

Downton Abbey (2019) Film Review

Join the Crawley family in Downton Abbey (2019), the (supposedly) greatest adventure of all – hosting the King and Queen.