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Connor Lightbody

Film Festival Enthusiast from Durham, UK. Will never shut up about how good Magic Mike XXL is. Through a multitude of careers as a teacher, a chef and a support worker, the one constant in my life has been movies. Started writing about them with a purpose in 2014 and never stopped. The ordeal that was 2020 made me quit my job and go freelance full time, never looking back. Festivals attended to date include Venice, TriBeCa, London, Berlin, Cambridge, Glasgow, Edinburgh, Leeds and Tyne Valley.

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Why Origin Works Best as a Docudrama

Ava Duvernay’s Origin has been criticised for not being a documentary, but it works best as a docudrama. Here’s why.

Past Lives & the Meet-Cute Legacy of Before Sunrise

With the meet-cute trope in Before Sunrise recently inspiring Celine Song’s Past Lives, we take a look at the legacy of Before Sunrise.

Thank You Very Much: Venice Film Review

Thank You Very Much, Alex Braverman’s documentary on anti-comedian Andy Kaufman, is a simplistic but effective retelling.

Oppenheimer: Nolan’s Fictional Fractured Man No More

In Oppenheimer, fact and spectacle are at war and Christopher Nolan’s fractured man trope can’t disappear within his usual grand fiction.

Afire: Film Review

Afire is an uneven but blisteringly barbed drama that tackles the creative process of a narcissistic, toxic writer.

The Lesson: Film Review

The Lesson is a diverting, fun thriller that leans too lightly on the campy schlock needed to elevate it.

The Future: Tribeca Film Review

The Future is a high concept sci-fi drama that collapses under the weight of grand ambitions.

Copyright Infringement: Brooklyn Film Review

Copyright Infringement is as joyous and as rebellious as CJ Hendry, the viral artist it documents.

Your Fat Friend: Film Review

Your Fat Friend is a moving documentary on anti-fatness through the myopic lens of author Aubrey Gordon’s journey.