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Clotilde Chinnici

Clotilde’s love for film began at a very young age with the Disney cartoons she would watch over and over. However, her passion for films truly sparked with franchises like Hunger Games and Harry Potter. After graduating with a BA in Film from King’s College London, Clotilde started working in film production and entertainment journalism while developing a deeper understanding of film movements and trends. Although most of her time is occupied by watching films, writing and talking about them to anyone who will listen, Clotilde enjoys reading and baking in her free time.

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Lessons in Chemistry Series Premiere Review

Apple TV+’s newest series, Lessons in Chemistry, starts off on the right foot with a fantastic premiere that leaves the audience wanting more.

One Life: LFF Film Review

As emotional as it is flawed, One Life tells a moving story of a historical moment that changed the lives of many.

Four Daughters: LFF Film Review

Four Daughters delivers its powerful and timely story with a brilliant use of the documentary form at its best.

The Book of Clarence: Film Review

The Book of Clarence delivers a fascinating story where biblical epic tones are mixed with humour and satire.

The Lost Boys: LFF Film Review

In The Lost Boys, Zeno Graton shares a powerful love story in an unlikely place where the desire for romance and freedom come together.

Occupied City: LFF Film Review

Steve McQueen’s latest documentary, Occupied City, is a stunning film of monumental proportions where the past encounters the present.

That They May Face The Rising Sun: Film Review

Pat Collins’ That They May Face The Rising Sun is a powerful and delicate portrayal of ordinary life in rural Ireland.

Penal Cordillera (Prison in the Andes): Film Review

Penal Cordillera (Prison in the Andes) is an uncomfortable film that delivers a chilling and menacing portrayal of the remainders of Pinochet’s dictatorship.

Lost in the Night: LFF Film Review

Amat Escalante’s Lost in the Night successfully builds its mystery throughout the entire film in a visually compelling thriller.

Shoshana: LFF Film Review

With Shoshana, Michael Winterbottom delivers a powerful political thriller intertwined with a historical romance.