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Clotilde Chinnici

Clotilde’s love for film began at a very young age with the Disney cartoons she would watch over and over. However, her passion for films truly sparked with franchises like Hunger Games and Harry Potter. After graduating with a BA in Film from King’s College London, Clotilde started working in film production and entertainment journalism while developing a deeper understanding of film movements and trends. Although most of her time is occupied by watching films, writing and talking about them to anyone who will listen, Clotilde enjoys reading and baking in her free time.

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The Magic Flute: Film Review

Mozart meets Harry Potter in The Magic Flute, a fantastical adventure that boldly mixes magic with classical music.

Lessons in Chemistry Episode 5 Review

Episode 5 of Lessons in Chemistry continues to amaze as the focus switches from the world of science and lab coats to that of TV sets and cameras.

Pain Hustlers: Netflix Film Review

Pain Hustlers has an interesting premise and promises to deliver a complex story, but there are structural flaws in the film’s plot and script.

Lessons in Chemistry Episode 4 Review

Episode 4 of Lessons in Chemistry proves that the AppleTV+ series can successfully pass the mid-season test as we get to know Elizabeth better.

Fanny: The Other Mendelssohn Film Review

Fanny: The Other Mendelssohn wants to shed light on a brilliant woman who remained on the sidelines of history for far too long, Fanny Mendelssohn.

The Bling Ring: Film Review

One of Sofia Coppola’s most underrated films, The Bling Ring is a staggering portrayal of modern society, one that still rings true 10 years later.

Lessons in Chemistry Episode 3 Review

In what could have easily been a filler episode, episode 3 of Lessons in Chemistry brings a new level of emotions to the series.

Unicorns: LFF Film Review

Beautifully shot and visually daring, Unicorns is a film that questions identity and labels in the gaysian London queer scene.

Les Indésirables (Bâtiment5): Film Review

With a strong and inspiring main character, Les Indésirables (Bâtiment5) is a provocative and authentic portrayal of modern-day France unlike any other.

Interview: Barry Ward & Anna Bederke on That They May Face The Rising Sun

We sit down with That They May Face the Rising Sun stars Barry Ward and Anna Bederke for an interview as part of the 2023 London Film Festival.