Claire Fulton

Watching films ties with eating macaroni and cheese as my favourite past time. In December of 2001, my parents took me to see The Fellowship of the Ring. There, I fell in love with cinema and decided my life-long dream was to be a Hobbit. Unfortunately, I’m still working on that, as I inevitably get side tracked into watching a film I’ve already seen three times on a streaming service while the DVD gathers dust on my alphabetised shelves and forget to move to New Zealand.

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The White Fortress (Fabija) Review: A Fabled Romance

The White Fortress uses aspects of genres like the crime film and the fairy tale to tell a visually stunning, ill-fated teen romance story in post-war Sarajevo.

Slow Horses (Episode 4 Review): Sleuth Searching

Episode 4 of Slow Horses showcases the talents of its writer and director in a condensed, energetic man-hunt that lets its ensemble shine.

Moon Knight (Episode 3 Review): Me, Myself and Layla too

Episode 3 sees Moon Knight land in Cairo for some action-adventure, develop Marc and Layla as characters, and lean more into its ancient theology.

Slow Horses Episode 3 Review: Clandestine Canals

Episode 3 of Slow Horses is more plot heavy than its predecessors, but it rewards us with a Gary Oldman who is clearly relishing his role.

Mid90s (Review): Jonah Hill’s Memory Lane

Meticulous in its nostalgia, Jonah Hill’s directorial debut mid90s showcases the decade more than Hill’s filmmaking talents, but has some shining moments.

Moon Knight (Episode 2 Review): Me Inside of Me

Episode 2 sees Moon Knight shift its focus from Steven to Marc, balance narrative and character with some clunky action, and set up the journey ahead.

Beast (Review): To Know Thyself

Michael Pearce’s Beast centres the ‘psychological’ aspect of ‘psychological thriller’, exploring the nature of repressed darkness and the power it wields.

Slow Horses (Episodes 1 & 2 Review): Sardonic Spooks

Slow Horses’ darkly funny episodes 1 and 2 provide an introduction to an ensemble espionage thriller that’s more focussed on the spies than the spying.

Moon Knight (Episode 1 Review): Man in the Mirror

A fresh feeling Episode 1 sees Moon Knight set up a lot of questions, but also potential for some really interesting character dynamics.

A Private War (Review): Front Line Reporting

Matthew Heineman’s A Private War is a timely emphasis on the importance of war reporting, and a more personal look at the toll such a job takes.