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Claire Fulton

Watching films ties with eating macaroni and cheese as my favourite past time. In December of 2001, my parents took me to see The Fellowship of the Ring. There, I fell in love with cinema and decided my life-long dream was to be a Hobbit. Unfortunately, I’m still working on that, as I inevitably get side tracked into watching a film I’ve already seen three times on a streaming service while the DVD gathers dust on my alphabetised shelves and forget to move to New Zealand.

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Amerikatsi: Glasgow Film Festival Review

Michael A. Goorjian’s Amerikatsi is both poignant and farcical, with a sprinkle of quite literally ‘observational’ comedy in Soviet-era Armenia.

Our Father, The Devil: Glasgow Film Festival Review

Ellie Foumbi’s Our Father, The Devil is a powerfully poignant film about resolving trauma, with a phenomenal central performance from Babetida Sadjo.

Country Gold: Film Review

Mickey Reece’s Country Gold is a tonally odd rumination of fame and legacy, and its decent performances and slick style don’t particularly inspire.

A Letter From Helga: Glasgow Review

Ása Helga Hjörleifsdóttir’s A Letter To Helga is a lyrical, beautiful film about love and regret, but also the power of legacy and belonging in 1940s Iceland.

Band: Glasgow Film Festival Review

Álfrún Örnólfsdóttir’s Band is an eclectic documentary with the stylings of a fiction film, chronicling a make-or-break year for an Icelandic female punk collective.

Nightsiren: Glasgow Film Festival Review

Tereza Nvotová’s Nightsiren intriguingly explores misogyny and trauma through surrealist horror, but feels a little disjointed at times.

Unwelcome (2023): Film Review

Jon Wright’s Unwelcome has some delightfully freaky faeries and a few laughs, but its plot issues spoil the fun somewhat.

Lakelands: Glasgow Film Festival Review

Robert Higgins and Patrick McGivney’s Lakelands is a subtle and poignant film about learning to embrace a future that isn’t at all what you imagined.

The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo: Film Review

David Fincher’s The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo is not only a well-acted, visually stunning…

My Sailor, My Love: Glasgow Film Festival Review

Klaus Härö’s My Sailor, My Love is more than just a romance, poignantly exploring the bittersweet complexities of a strained father/daughter relationship.