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Holler: Strive To Survive (Review)

Social-realist drama Holler tackles weighty themes with an irony and assuredness from debut feature director Nicole Riegel, but lacks in any significant spark.

Mare of Easttown: Winslet Steals The Show (Review)

For fans of Scandi-crime type telly, Mare of Easttown doesn’t tread much unfamiliar ground, but a never-better Kate Winslet powers it to heights of TV delight.

The Underground Railroad: Brutal, Beautiful Television (Review)

Adapted from the Pulitzer-prize winning novel of the same name, The Underground Railroad is a stunning piece of television that will challenge, move and awe audiences.

Gangs of London: Crime in the Big Smoke (Review)

Stylish and hyper-violent, Gangs of London is a familiar but fresh-feeling gangster drama series that pulls no punches.

The Prophet and the Space Aliens: Is this Raël life? (Review)

Under the guise of a documentary with a bonkers premise, Yoav Shamir’s The Prophet and the Space Aliens is actually a thoughtful exploration on the nature of religion and believers.

I Never Cry: Life is Short (Kino Polska Review)

Piotr Domalewski’s I Never Cry (Jak Najdalej Stąd) is a funny, poignant, timely story about grief centred around a terrific lead performance from Zofia Stafiej.

Peaks and Valleys: Unlikely bonding in Alaska (Review)

Michael Burns’ Peaks and Valleys is an intriguing character study sandwiched between a shocking beginning and frustrating end, that somehow manages to work.

Eastern: Dystopian Blood and Honour (Kino Polska Review)

The debut full-length feature film from Piotr Adamski, Eastern, is a fresh, dystopian genre hybrid that’s lean but full to the brim of thrills and intriguing concepts.

Percy vs. Goliath – the Little Guy vs. the Behemoth (Review)

Clark Johnson’s farm-meets-courtroom drama Percy vs. Goliath has an interesting enough story at its root, but the finished crop is missing something special.

Our People Will Be Healed: Cree Culture (Femspectives Review)

Celebrated filmmaker Alanis Obomsawin’s Our People Will Be Healed highlights the hopes of the Norway House Cree Nation for future culture preservation.