Claire Fulton

Watching films ties with eating macaroni and cheese as my favourite past time. In December of 2001, my parents took me to see The Fellowship of the Ring. There, I fell in love with cinema and decided my life-long dream was to be a Hobbit. Unfortunately, I’m still working on that, as I inevitably get side tracked into watching a film I’ve already seen three times on a streaming service while the DVD gathers dust on my alphabetised shelves and forget to move to New Zealand.

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Black Bird (Apple TV+) Review: Stylish, Cerebral Prison Drama

Created by crime novelist Dennis Lehane, Black Bird is a stylish, riveting prison drama propelled by its stunning central performances.

Boy (2010) Film Review: Taika’s Familial Thriller

Before the dizzying heights of Marvel, Taika Waititi’s Boy showcased the filmmaker at his best, with a tender coming-of-age story about the nature of family.

How To Please A Woman (Film Review): Ladies First

How To Please A Woman is fun and confident in its message of female empowerment in the bedroom, if a bit confused tonally and slightly heavy handed.

Alone Together (Film Review): Romance In Isolation

Writer, director and star Katie Holmes’ Alone Together is a Covid-era romantic drama that hints at meaningful commentary, but ultimately plays out pretty predictably.

Only Murders in the Building Season 2 Review: Sequel Season Capers

Only Murders in the Building is back, and season 2 is as tongue-in-cheek and fun as the first, even if it has lost its freshness and suffers from a weaker beginning.

The Essex Serpent (Finale Review): Love is Not Finite

The finale of The Essex Serpent doesn’t quite stick the landing, moving away from what made the series so intriguing and muddying the waters too much.

The Essex Serpent (Episode 5 Review): Renounce Thou Sins

Episode 5 of The Essex Serpent channels its focus away from the mystery and towards the melodrama, thus losing its momentum and feels a bit disappointing.

The Essex Serpent (Episode 4 Review): Mark of the Devil

The Essex Serpent ‘s episode 4 is visually and thematically interesting, even if some pacing issues bring the momentum down somewhat.

E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial (Review): Still Fab at Forty

Even forty years after its original release, E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial still holds up as a special, emotional and heart-warming family film upon first viewing.

Derry Girls: More than a Sitcom

As Derry Girls comes to an end, it enshrines itself as one of Channel 4’s greatest comedy sitcoms; a hilarious, joyous and poignant love letter to friendship and family.