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Branyan Towe

A freelance journalist who spends way too much time watching movies. I probably relate to Little Women‘s Jo March a little too much, and I love comic books, sports, anything directed by Kevin Smith or Spike Lee, and musicals. Growing up, I dreamed of being a movie critic because I was fascinated by the art of cinema and the magic of going to the movie theater. I’m a big believer in physical media, I enjoy dancing my heart out at concerts, and I think that Black Panther is the greatest superhero movie ever made.

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Do Revenge (Review): Two Girls, a Bearded Dragon, and Payback

The excellent performances and chemistry of Maya Hawke and Camila Mendes help make Netflix’s Do Revenge one of the best teen dark comedies in years

Clerks III (Film Review): Welcome Back to The Quick-Stop

Hilarious and incredibly emotional, Clerks III is a fantastic conclusion to an unlikely trilogy and Kevin Smith’s best film since the original Clerks in 1994.

I assure you, it’s a View Askewniverse ranking! (and retrospective)

In anticipation of Clerks III, we’re looking back at all the live action films of Kevin Smith’s View Askewniverse in this ranking and retrospective.

Fall (2022) Film Review: Don’t Look Down

Lionsgate’s Fall is insanely terrifying, and even with its faults, the performances of Grace Caroline Currey and Virginia Gardner make it a compelling thriller.

Ms Marvel Episode 6 Review: The End is Just the Beginning

While Ms. Marvel Episode 6 may cram a lot into its hour-long runtime, it manages to be charming, action packed, and incredibly satisfying

Ms. Marvel Episode 5 (Review): History Lesson

The dramatic Ms. Marvel Episode 5 practically completes Kamala’s origin story and doesn’t leave much for the show’s finale to follow up on. 

Stranger Things 4 Vol. 2 (Review): Wins and Losses

Despite some baffling writing decisions, Stranger Things 4 Vol. 2 is absolutely incredible, and sets the perfect stage for the final season of the Netflix series.

Ms Marvel Episode 4 Review: The City of Lights

Ms. Marvel Episode 4 sees Kamala venturing out of Jersey City and visiting her grandmother in Pakistan to uncover more about her powers and family history.

Ms. Marvel Episode 3 Review: Big Reveals and A Wedding

In the jam-packed Episode 3, Ms. Marvel answers some burning questions, unearths the show’s Big Bad, and sees Kamala attend her brother’s wedding.

Ms. Marvel Episode 2 Review: Powers, A Crush, and A Mystery

Ms. Marvel Episode 2 finds Kamala Khan adjusting to her mysterious new powers, and a crush as the teen gets her first true taste of being a young superhero.