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Jason Blum and Sharknado enthusiast. Probably found in my room watching films or writing about them. And no, I won’t shut up about Another Round until it gets its well deserved Oscar.

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Epic Tails Review: Cute Harmless Fun

Epic Tails is a fun take on Greek mythology that’s perfect for kids. Talking animals take the lead as they sail the sea looking for hidden treasure.

After Hours (1985) Film Review

Scorsese’s hidden gem After Hours is the perfect late night watch, as you enter the underworld of downtown New York following one man’s chaotic night.

When It Melts (Sundance Review): Revisiting Childhood Demons

When it Melts is a powerful debut feature from Veerle Baetens all about revisiting childhood trauma and holding people accountable for their actions.

Against the Tide (Sundance Review): No More Fish in the Sea

Against the Tide shows the effects that climate change has on the Koli fishing community in Bombay as two friends navigate the ever changing waters.

Piranha II: The Spawning (1981) Film Review: Piranha Galore

Revisiting James Cameron’s directorial debut Piranha II: The Spawning to recount the gory yet amusing Piranha film that he brought to life 40 years ago.

Treason Review (Netflix Series): Secrets, Lies and Death

Netflix’s new series Treason follows a man who must become acting chief of MI6 after there’s a heinous attack by a Russian spy on the current commander.

Nocebo (2022) Film Review: The Conundrum of Motherhood

Nocebo will have your skin crawling from start to finish as you dive into Eva Green’s Christine’s paranoid world in Lorcan Finnegan’s latest feature.

Barbarian (Film Review): Stay The Night If You Dare

In Barbarian, Zach Cregger ditches his comedy roots and teams up with leads Georgina Campbell and Bill Skarsgård to create one of the most haunting horrors of 2022.

The Score (Film Review): A Crime Drama with a Musical Twist

The Score, starring Will Poulter and Johnny Flynn, attempts to blend crime, dark comedy and music into a quirky twist on a British heist film.

Wim Wenders: The Accidental Filmmaker (Curzon’s ‘In Frame’)

Wim Wenders discussed his life as a filmmaker at Curzon’s event ‘In Frame: Wim Wenders’, the beginning of a nationwide reliving of Wenders’ work.