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The Princess Switch: Switched Again – Hudgens Elevates Christmas Trifle (Review)

The Princess Switch: Switched Again lets Vanessa Hudgens show off her comedic chops in a pleasantly formulaic Christmas flick.

Embattled Fails to Grapple with the Spirit of MMA (Review)

Embattled is a clichéd story of a father and son’s MMA conflict, laid low by a failure to capture the essence of the sport it depicts.

All X-Men Movies Ranked (From Worst to Best)

A definitive ranking of all X-Men movies from worst to best, now complete with the release of The New Mutants for home streaming.

The Broken Hearts Gallery: Actresses Shine in Pleasant Romcom (Review)

The Broken Hearts Gallery aspires to be a classic romantic comedy but finds success as a smaller story about three friends in New York.

Jungleland: Jack O’Connell Brings True Grit to Boxing Tale (Review)

Jungleland is an effective boxing drama that benefits from bursts of black humor and a very strong Jack O’Connell performance.

Proxima: Eva Green Excels in Compelling French Astronaut Drama (Review)

Proxima is a strong character study that benefits from a more human depiction of an astronaut than the genre usually allows, bolstered by the great Eva Green.

The Mandalorian: This Is the Way (to make Star Wars)

The Mandalorian is one of television’s great joys – an unpretentious love letter to classic genre filmmaking that embraces the best of Star Wars.

Monsoon: A Smart Allegory for Vietnam’s Relationship with the West (NewFest Review)

Monsoon is a textured look at the development of Vietnam in the years since the Vietnam War that uses Henry Golding’s star charisma effectively.

Borat: Subsequent Moviefilm – Brilliant Satire Returns at the Right Time (Review)

Borat: Subsequent Moviefilm is a tribute to Sacha Baron Cohen’s immense talents as a comedic actor and a provocateur of truth.

The Witches: a Perfectly Cromulent Take on Roald Dahl’s Classic (Review)

The Witches is a pleasant enough fantasy marred by a pervasive feeling of a disappointment that it did not turn out better.