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American Thief: a Muddled Narrative Overshadows Some Good Ideas (Indie Memphis 2020 Review)

American Thief is an awkward combination of narrative fiction and documentary that serves neither style as well as a more focused film might have.

Belushi: a Moving, Textured Portrait of the Beloved Comedic Actor (AFI Fest Review)

Belushi is extremely effective in bringing to life one of Hollywood’s legendary tragic figures, triumphs, flaws and all.

Minari: A Beautiful Family Drama Steeped in Detail (Review)

Minari, the story of a Korean family’s move to Arkansas in the 80s, is one of 2020’s finest films and a testament to star Steven Yeun’s talent.

Undine: A Smart and Intoxicating Mythic Romance (LFF Review)

Undine is a splendid fantasy love story that deftly uses mythology as a way to analyze the very city of Berlin.

I Carry You with Me: a Deeply Moving Immigrant Love Story (Review)

I Carry You with Me blends narrative fiction and documentary aspects into the truly moving story of a gay immigrant couple.

Small Axe: Steve McQueen’s Remarkable Achievement (Review)

Small Axe, a series of films depicting the London West Indian community in the 60s-80s, is on its way to standing as the greatest anthology film series ever.

Mogul Mowgli: Riz Ahmed Excels, but the Film Stumbles (Review)

Mogul Mowgli is an interesting look at the cultural conflicts faced by a British-Pakistani rapper, held back by some screenwriting flaws.

The Glorias: 2020’s Second Best Gloria Steinem Story (Review)

The Glorias utilizes an ineffective structure which prevents the film from properly contextualizing – and celebrating – a critical historical figure.

MLK/FBI: One of the Year’s Best, Most Essential Docs (NYFF58 Review)

MLK/FBI is a stellar window into the FBI’s illegal surveillance of Martin Luther King Jr., and the society that tacitly blessed its tactics.

Lost in London: Fantastic Technical Achievement Tied to a Cliché Story (Review)

Lost in London thrives on the movie’s live broadcast gimmick, but fails to resonate as a “one crazy night” comedy or as a family drama.