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I’m a 20 year old autistic writer who loves anything from that one movie that won an oscar once to some undeniable trash you wish never existed. You’ll probably find me in a cinema one day hogging all the popcorn.

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Cursed Films II Episode 3 Review: A Journey into The Zone

Cursed Films II Episode 3 is a change of pace for the series as a passionate deep dive into the influential Soviet Union sci-fi cult film, Stalker.

Severance Season 1 Review: The You You Are

Apple TV’s new series Severance is a fantastic mystery workplace thriller that explores the idea of individuality in the modern workspace.

Cursed Films II Episode 2 Review: Down The Rabbit Hole of Hollywood

Cursed Films II Episode 2 is a deep descent down the rabbithole of 60s Hollywood and the indirect impacts of Rosemary’s Baby.

Cursed Films II Episode 1 Review: An Emotional exposé on The Yellow Brick Road

Cursed Films II Episode 1 is an emotional and cathartic examination of one of film’s greatest achievements, The Wizard of Oz.

Bastian Günther and Carrie Preston on One of These Days (Interview)

One of These Days director Bastian Günther and actress Carrie Preston tell us about the film’s unique perspectives, the current media landscape, and the intimate set the film created.

One of These Days (Review): Americana at its Bleakest

Despite a weak third act, One of These Days mostly succeeds as an engaging drama that delves into the harsh world of American capitalism.

Windfall (Review): Not Everyone Works for You

Windfall is a familiar yet well-executed pandemic thriller that takes aim at the meaning of true wealth.

Small Engine Repair (Review): Internet’s Forever, Bro

Small Engine Repair is a shocking and unexpectedly powerful character drama/thriller that demands to be seen and discussed.

Found Footage: 10 Great Films for The Underrated Subgenre

Here are ten great films to familiarise yourself with found footage, to celebrate the resurgence of the subgenre with Paranormal Activity: Next of Kin and VHS 94.