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Golden Years Movie Review

Esther Gemsch floats on a flamingo-shaped air mattress in the film Golden Years

Golden Years is a German language movie about growing old and making peace with your life while finding the courage to live authentically.

Bruce LaBruce on The Visitor: Interview

Director Bruce LaBruce, poster for the film The Visitor

In this interview from the Berlin Film Festival, director Bruce LaBruce tell us what inspires him in Pasolini’s work, how an art project became the Berlinale-premiering The Visitor, and more.

Architecton: Berlin Film Review

Architecton is one of the best documentaries to portray and discuss humanity’s place within the natural world since 1982’s groundbreaking Koyaanisqatsi.

Raíz (Through Rocks and Clouds) Review

Alberth Merma with his face close to a llama in the film Raiz (Through Rocks and Clouds)

The childlike innocence and playfulness of Raíz (Through Rocks and Clouds) is enjoyable, but its depiction of tradition fighting modernisation is frustratingly meagre.

The Invisible Fight Film Review

A monk flies in the film The Invisible Fight

Rainer Sarnet’s The Invisible Fight’s mix of kung-fu and black metal results in some brilliant action scenes, but its story is significantly less interesting.