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Night Swim: Film Review

Equipped with a generic storyline, poor CGI, and an overabundance of horror tropes, Night Swim is a mediocre swim in shallow waters.

Apolonia, Apolonia: Lea Glob Film Review

Lea Glob’s documentary Apolonia, Apolonia, about artist Apolonia Sokol, is a soul stirring feminist odyssey which pays homage to the women who fight to be seen and heard.

Driving Madeleine: Film Review

Christian Carion’s Driving Madeleine delivers an important, heartening message about how often we forget the power of empathy in everyday human encounters.

T.I.M. (2023): Film Review

Though T.I.M. provides an effective setting and a decent performance from Eamon Farren, the film is a generic, predictable sci-fi thriller.

First Time Caller: Film Review

Abe Goldfarb & J.D. Brynn’s First Time Caller is a chilling and enthralling one-room thriller that takes its micro-budget to the absolute limit.

Utama: Film Review

Utama, Alejandro Loayza Grisi’s astonishing debut, delivers a fresh new perspective on the climate crisis, telling a small story about a big subject matter.

Zuckerberg: King of the Metaverse Review

Zuckerberg King of the Metaverse movie

Charting the rise and rise of the Facebook founder, Sky’s new documentary Mark Zuckerberg: King of the Metaverse presents a figure still difficult to pin down.