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Wonka: Film Review

As heartwarming as a box of chocolate, Wonka is a delightful film, perfect for the Christmas holidays with its musical numbers and dreamy visuals.

Lord of Misrule: Film Review

William Brent Bell’s Lord of Misrule is a competently made but creatively bankrupt horror film that fails to impress despite its intriguing premise.

Concrete Utopia: Film Review

Concrete Utopia is a disaster film, a social critique, and a warning against oppressive systems rolled into one well-shot, if tonally erratic, thriller.

5 Great Movies with High Stakes

A list of 5 great movies with high stakes, from action classics to heist films, horror favorites and more that will provide plenty of tension!

Tarrac (2023): Film Review

Shot in a beautiful setting, Tarrac is a moving and heartwarming tale of grief, family, and community when challenges arise.

Earth Mama: Film Review

Savanah Leaf’s feature film debut, Earth Mama, is an exquisitely rendered, quietly powerful portrait of a young mother trying to navigate a broken system and cruel world.

Anselm: Wim Wenders Film Review

Wim Wenders introduces the artist Anselm Keifer to a broader audience in Anselm, an insightful portrait of a most unconventional creative.