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Writer-Director Elle Callahan on “Witch Hunt” (SXSW Interview)

Witch Hunt’s Elle Callahan chats with Loud and Clear about the timeliness of her harrowing horror thriller and the influential artists who have inspired her.

Swan Song: An Aging Hairdresser Looks Back on His Life (SXSW Review)

Swan Song’s story may be simple and straightforward, but Udo Kier’s colorful and charismatic character work makes this eccentric escapade worth a watch.

The Fallout: A Truthful and Traumatic Teenage Tragedy (SXSW Review)

The Fallout tackles troubling and timely subject matter with harrowing honesty as Jenna Ortega anchors the entire affair in her admirably authentic performance.

Witch Hunt: Fantasy Thriller Tackles Today’s Troubles (SXSW Review)

Witch Hunt skillfully balances sharp social commentary with sincerely shocking scares, making this a must-see for genre fans.

The Feast: A Slow-Moving Horror Drama Devoid of Scares (SXSW Review)

The Feast emphasizes its eerie atmosphere over engaging storytelling, often alienating its audience as a result.

Recovery: COVID Road Trip Comedy is a Laugh Riot (SXSW Review)

Recovery subverts every expectation you might have for a “COVID comedy,” whisking audiences away on an absurd but immensely amusing cross-country adventure.

Potato Dreams of America: Coming of Age Dramedy Delights (SXSW Review)

Potato Dreams of America efficiently offsets its eccentricity with earnest emotion, sharing a coming-of-age story that is simultaneously silly and stirring.

Yes Day: Feel-Good Family Comedy Charms (Review)

Yes Day may feel familiar to fans of family-friendly entertainment, but it’s a wholly amusing adventure nonetheless thanks to its enjoyable ensemble cast.

Stephen Meek, Mallory Everton, & Whitney Call on Recovery (Interview)

Stephen Meek, Mallory Everton, and Whitney Call of the “COVID comedy” Recovery share struggles with shooting during a pandemic and the messages of their movie.

Raya and the Last Dragon: An Action-Packed Animated Epic (Review)

Raya and the Last Dragon is a visually striking spectacle with equally effective emotional resonance – in short, another win for Walt Disney Animation Studios.