Claire Fulton

Watching films ties with eating macaroni and cheese as my favourite past time. In December of 2001, my parents took me to see The Fellowship of the Ring. There, I fell in love with cinema and decided my life-long dream was to be a Hobbit. Unfortunately, I’m still working on that, as I inevitably get side tracked into watching a film I’ve already seen three times on a streaming service while the DVD gathers dust on my alphabetised shelves and forget to move to New Zealand.

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Derry Girls: More than a Sitcom

As Derry Girls comes to an end, it enshrines itself as one of Channel 4’s greatest comedy sitcoms; a hilarious, joyous and poignant love letter to friendship and family.

The Essex Serpent (Episode 3 Review): The Night Lies To You

Episode 3 of The Essex Serpent explores its witchy undertones, ramps up the fervour in its townsfolk and stays compelling.

The Burning Sea (Review): Smoke on the Water

John Andreas Andersen’s The Burning Sea fits comfortably within the formula for the environmental disaster film, cliché moments and grandiose heroics included.

The Essex Serpent (Episode 2 Review): Our Fears Take Hold

Episode 2 of The Essex Serpent keeps it focus on the fear and faith of its characters, rather than its supernatural central mystery, and remains as intriguing for it.

The Essex Serpent (Episode 1 Review): The Devil Has Come

Episode 1 of The Essex Serpent leans more towards moody psychological thriller than supernatural mystery, but intrigues with atmospheric visuals and a cracking score.

Moon Knight (Series Finale Review): Three Is The Magic Number

The series finale of Moon Knight is messy but fun, and feels like the sum of its parts as much as it does a really exciting glimpse at what’s to come.

Slow Horses (Series Finale Review): Seasoned Spooks

Having found its feet early on, the finale of Slow Horses wraps up its central case, but leaves some threads hanging as a tease for series 2.

Moon Knight (Episode 5 Review): The Memory Remains

After last week’s surprising shift, episode 5 of Moon Knight is the show’s most emotional, bold and rewarding episode yet.

Slow Horses (Episode 5 Review): Seeking Slicker Spies

Episode 5 of Slow Horses is entertaining, gives our heroes ‘hero’ moments and moves the plot along, but also highlights how the show could have been tighter.

Moon Knight (Episode 4 Review): Where Is My Mind?

Episode 4 of Moon Knight dabbles in more action-adventure-horror genre fun and lets Steven take control again, but then takes a really bold, interesting turn.